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We love our dogs and the great puppies they produce. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are sentiments from some of our previous buyers …

“Sunnie is a great companion and a complete joy!
We LOVE our Sunnie!”

— Johnnie & Brooks

Fredericksburg, TX

“This is Cash. We picked him up on May 1, 2016. He is a great dog all around. He loves to bird hunt, swim, and sleep between our legs. He has a natural drive for birds and minds very well.”

— Juston & Beth

Boerne, TX

Abby is doing great. She graduates her Basic Obedience tomorrow evening, and then we start Intermediate. She too was an easy house train.
My old guy, Griffin, (an older Vizsla male) was a bit grumpy with all the puppy energy at first, but now they are buddies – constant playing together. I think he has been a good role model for her, and she has brought back some youthful vitality in him. They look great together – the larger, older male with his young lady friend – quite the pair.”

— Chris

Sager, CA

“Alba is doing great and is spoiled rotten by us all. She has been attending obedience classes and has now progressed into an advanced class and is doing very well. She is showing all the other dogs up despite being the youngest, but then I am biased.”

— Fraser, Helen, Liam & Logan

The Woodlands, TX

“Your little dog is RIDICULOUSLY wonderful.
She is currently asleep on my lap while I write.
She is adapting just fine to life in the Duke City.
Thanks for the AKC registration. Thanks again for this little creature!

— Lauren and Chris

Albuquerque, NM


“Ruger is doing great!He got a new log bed to match ours (of course he still will only sleep in ours). His favorite game is keep away, and he plays it very well!  We’re loving every minute that we spend with him, and we like to think he’s just as happy with us. Thank you again for giving us such a wonderful puppy!”

— Megan, Andy and Ruger

Kerrville, TX


“Jade out on her first hunt. We were just going to slowly introduce her to the sound of the gun from a distance, but she was off and fetching the birds right away. Not gun shy. We love her and are so happy to add her to our Vizsla family.”

— Glenda

Yuma, AZ

“Peppy is a very gentle and affectionate boy and a real bird dog.”


— Andrea and Istavan

Katy, TX

“We absolutely love our Harley boy.
Harley is very special to us because he was born on our wedding day! He is such a good dog and loves to be outdoors with us no matter what we’re doing … running, kayaking, boating, or just doing yard work! He gets along with everyone and every dog! We are so glad we found you and made the decision to have him flown here from Texas! He even loves the snow! Thank you so much for breeding such amazing dogs!”

— Sayra & Joe

Barrington, IL